HSA information

Hawaii Stream Academy (HSA) is a new innovative school that will provide early childhood education and specialized care and instruction for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old.

HSA is committed to be a leading 21st century school in Hawaii, the nation, and the world as evidenced by student performance, individualized student instruction, and the demonstration of 21st century critical thinking, problem solving and self-direction. HSA will foster an environment that inspires student excellence, leadership, collaboration and world-class education.

At HSA, we will strive to integrate the academic rigor of a classical liberal arts education with child-driven projects in the arts and sciences while also promoting the emotional and physical health of each child. Our goal is to create lifelong learners who will reach their full potential as contributors to the global community.

HSA will accomplish its goals by utilizing innovative methods that will provide challenges and opportunities for all students from all academic levels, ranging from gifted to those who have academic challenges to achieve the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the academic environment as well as in life. However, whatever the method, learning driven by the passion and interests of the children is always most effective and we aim to stay true to the passion and interests of all students.

HSA will ignite and develop each student’s full potential with highly collaborative classroom educators using engaged, individualized learning allowing for exemplary levels of student achievement. Using state-of-the-art digital learning tools, resources and curriculum, HSA will equip every student with the foundation they need to graduate and prepare them for any opportunity they wish to pursue.

HSA’s rigorous yet informal atmosphere, challenging curriculum, diverse program and exceptional staff will enable the school to focus on and meet each student’s particular needs to help best prepare them for college and life. Starting at their primary years, HSA will take great pride in building and strengthening the foundation for each child’s true academic and social success.

Students at HSA will be a part of a unique enriching program that will include classes covering far more than the traditional core curriculum, music and art. Depending on age appropriate classes, students will also have the opportunity to take yoga, dance and cheer, foreign language, lego and robotics, and drama. These additional enrichment classes will be incorporated into their schedules and student growth and creativity will be greatly inspired, encouraged and enhanced.