Our Curriculum Approach:

With a blended approach of the Creative Curriculum as well as the Montessori method, HSA strives to incorporate best practices to ensure a well-rounded, holistic program to educate the “whole” child.

Emotional– HSA will encourage children to understand their emotions and find acceptable ways to express them.

Social– Students will learn how to handle conflict through problem-solving and communication so that they can become confident and capable individuals who respect others and embrace differences.

Cognitive– Students will become excited and confident learners in literacy (reading and writing readiness), pre-math, science, creative arts and all areas of the curriculum

Physical – HSA’s program will help to build healthy bodies, encourages the development of physical skills, a love of the outdoors and environment, and a sense of wonder and respect for nature.

Math: High quality, challenging and accessible mathematics education for young students in a vital foundation for future mathematics learning. Math helps children make sense of their world outside of school and helps them construct a solid foundation for school success.

Hands-on Science: Science for young children should involve asking question, probing for answers, conducting investigations, and collecting data. Rather than simply memorization, science becomes a way of thinking and trying to understand the world.

Reading and Writing: Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, and enhanced productivity in life.

Social Studies:Children are born into social studies. They gradually learn more about the expanding community and eventually come to see themselves as citizens. This is key to become a globally literate empathetic 21st century citizen.

Additional Enrichment Classes:

Health and Wellness:Students will learn the importance various aspects of personal health including physical, social, emotional, intellectual and environmental aspects of health. Topics of exploration include nutrition, healthy eating, and physical fitness.

Robotics: Students will learn the basics of robotics including programming and designing apps.

Art: This class will foster an early appreciation of the arts and inspire students to explore their creative, artistic side.

Music and Movement: This class provides students an interactive and lively musical experience, incorporating a wide variety of instruments and music genre, with a focus on the sung voice, body percussion, improvisation, music play and creativity.

Yoga: Through child yoga, students will learn to develop the heart, mind and body for healthy and happy development.

Animation: Through Creative Academies, students will learn the basics of computer animation and imagine, create and design their own projects.

Foreign Language: Students will be exposed early to a foreign language and learn about another culture and language.

Drama: This class will provide fun and developmentally exciting experiences through drama and play.

Dance (creative movement): Through dance, students will develop coordination and self-expression through simple dance movement and songs.