Enrichment classes
Enrichment classes:

Students at HSA will be a part of a unique enriching program that will include classes covering far more than the traditional core curriculum, music and art. Depending on age appropriate classes, students will also have the opportunity to take yoga, dance and cheer, foreign language, lego and robotics, and drama. These additional enrichment classes will be incorporated into their schedules and student growth and creativity will be greatly inspired, encouraged and enhanced. There are no other schools in Hawaii that offer such an extensive program inclusive to the child's school day [...]

Creative Academies:

HSA will be partnering with Creative Academies to provide the computer and technology courses offered for our young students. These skilled instructors will work with the students to learn computer and game design and even will begin a project involving developing their own apps. Creative Academies is a well-known and reputable company whose work with students has been featured at the Bishop Museum as well as the Museum of Natural History in New York City. [...]

DreamBox Access:

Students at HSA (ages 4 and up) will be given their own Dreambox account. Dreambox is an online Intelligent Adaptive Learning math program for elementary children. DreamBox Learning's unique intelligent adaptive learning technology goes beyond engagement, with a rigorous math curriculum that builds conceptual understanding and fluency. With their own account access, students will be able to continue to practice math skills at home, engaging the home-school connection and encouraging parental involvement in the child's education, which research shows leads to greater success in school and life.[...]

Student Online Portfolio

Another exclusive to HSA, students will have their own online portfolio to build and showcase during their years at HSA. Teachers will include work samples, artifacts, pictures and evaluations for each student and parents will have the ability to keep for personal records as well as use as their child's resume when time to change schools and enter the first grade. Online portfolios are necessary for students in middle school and high school to showcase their knowledge and skills. At HSA, our young learners will already be way ahead of the game by having a portfolio that shares with others their skills and talents. [...]